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Check out our newest innovations!

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  • Quadie
  • BMXie
  • Jack & Josie
  • Chillafish BOX
  • 1Which bike is the perfect size for my child?

    Every Chillafish product has a recommended age range indicated on the packaging and on our website.  This age range is recommended for average height kids.  Some important facts to take into account :

    Bunzi is a gradual balance trainer with the purpose to start young – as from 1/1,5 years old – and grow into balance.  It is not a standard balance bike which is typically slightly bigger.  Most customers buy a Bunzi for a child around 1 years old and allow the child to ride it once they start feeling comfortable walking for a few weeks.

    At these early ages, being comfortable, safe and close to the ground is more important than pure ergonomics.  Even if your kids are tall and a little higher than the recommended age range, you might see that they have a lot of fun riding on their favourite toy as it’s easy to manoeuvre being close to the ground.

    Although we don’t recommend to buy our BMXie or Fixie at the age of 5 for example, we do see most kids to continue playing with it at that age and even beyond.  We have 7 year old kids that still enjoy riding a Quadie in the house although it’s way too small :-)

    2How do I use the BMXie’s foot support?

    You can easily stow away the foot support under the frame of the BMXie and install it for use whenever your kid feels ready. When installed, your kid can make some speed and have some fun while putting their feet on the foot support and continue to go forward. Also really fun when riding down a small hill.

    3To what pressure should I inflate an air tire?

    The maximum pressure is always indicated on the tire itself. The BMXie’s and Jack&Josie’s included tires each have a pressure limit of 32 psi, which is equivalent to 2.2 bar. However, we recommend to always check the tire for the correct pressure indication and to never inflate your tires above this maximum pressure. Over-inflating your tires can lead to dangerous situations. If you are unsure about the inflation of your tires, please contact our team for additional information.

    4Do you patent your products ?

    Yes. We pride ourselves in creating play innovation. This means we invest a lot in our new products. We therefore protect all our designs with all possible intellectual property rights. We own the patents, trademarks and other intellectual property to make sure we can fight copycats. You will not always find our patent numbers on the product or on the box, we have our reasons for that. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you are a customer and want to know more about our intellectual property protection, please get in touch. In case you think you have seen a copy of one of our products, please email all info to

    5Why a balance bike and not training wheels ?

    A balance bike takes away the complexity of learning combined pedaling, steering and balancing on a bicycle all at the same time. A balance bike is a very fun way for kids to gradually learn balance, starting from a much younger age than with a regular bicycle. Once the child is ready to learn to ride on a regular bicycle, the balance and steering skills have already been mastered and there’s only one new skill to learn : pedaling. Kids that use a balance bike at an early age all have shown to master a bicycle much quicker. Oh, and don’t think the balance bike is not interesting anymore once your kids are riding a bicycle. The balance bike usually stays the favorite “play” ride for your kids for many more years : the bicyle on the roads for driving, the balance bike around the house for quick manoeuvring and fun playing.

    6What are Airless RubberSkin Tires?

    Airless RubberSkin tires are a new kind of tires that give you the best grip possible, and you don’t even need to inflate them. A foam core means they cannot puncture; an outside rubber layer makes them just like real tires. Great grip and no pump – that’s best of both worlds. Exactly what every Chillafish rider needs.

    7Where can I get replacement parts?

    At this moment we ask you to log an issue on the following link.

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