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Check out our newest innovations!

ItsiBitsi Blocks

4-wheel first ride-on with basket and playblocks

Ride, play, customize!

ItsiBitsi in
the Playroom

ItsiBitsi Blocks, a bright-coloured and safe ride-on for toddlers aged 1-3. It includes a basket and playblocks to develop fine motor skills. The playblocks fit inside the frame for fun customization and playing. Lightweight & easy to carry, so no worries for mom & dad when spending a day at the park. ItsiBitsi has a steering angle limiter to prevent overturning, making it more safe than many other ride-ons. A comfortable seat, steel axle and quality designed to last many years ! Safe, great for coordination and superb looks - best buy in town ! ;-)

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ItsiBitsi in
the Kitchen

Starting from a rough idea on a piece of paper, our design ideas touched the edges of common sense and had a bunch of features and shapes lined up to be stuffed into one product... Until we realized that more simple is much better.

So we focused on the core functionalities - balance & safety - and the core design - spiced up with beautiful colors. Meet ItsiBitsi Blocks, our best buy in town!

ItsiBitsi Blocks rider is
taking a break

ItsiBitsi in the
Living room


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ItsiBitsi in
the Garage

  • 4-wheeled ride-on
  • includes basket and playblocks to develop fine motor skills
  • playblocks fit inside the frame for fun customization and playing
  • lightweight & easy to carry
  • steel axle
  • designed to last many years
  • steering limiter to prevent overturning
  • age: 1-3 years
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