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Check out our newest innovations!

Does a balance bike need a brake?

Due to their motor skills children starting to learn to ride a balance bike at the age of approx. 2 years (or earlier in case of the gradual balance concept Bunzi) are not able to stop such a vehicle by themselves with the handbrake. There is a risk that supervising persons may be persuaded in believing in a „non-existing safety“ and therefore do not pay enough attention to the learner, because the bike is fitted with a brake. Observations reveal that driving a balance bike gives children great fun for a long time, even for years after they learn to drive a pedal bicycle. For this group of advanced learners it makes sense to fit one model with a brake system suitable for children. But these young riders still need the attention of grownups. Even in this phase one notices that children mostly brake on a balance bike by putting their feet on the ground to slow down the bike.

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